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Free Online Radio Player Recorder

Free Online Radio Player Recorder

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Free Online Radio Player Recorder Screenshots

We took only few screenshots to give you an idea of how it looks like. Take the Free Online Radio Player Recorder Feature Tour to learn more.

Free Online Radio Player Recorder the idea solution to:

Capture any sound played by a computer (including live Internet broadcasts).

Record sound coming through a microphone or played by an external device such as a tape player, LP player, portable music player, etc.

Record Internet broadcasts on a user-defined schedule much like a conventional VCR.

Free Online Radio Player Recorder Main Screenshot

Filelist & Settings

Filelist of Recordings & Audio Files

All recorded sound will be automatically added to the filelist here. You can also input your audio files to the list to play & edit them and do more.


General Settings

Here you can set: Output File Type and Output Directory.

Before you start recording, you have to select the desired sound quality of the recording in the Free Online Radio Player Recorder Settings window. Just choose one output format from MP3, WMA, WAV or OGG, and then click "Settings" to use the Preset Quality slider to specify the recording quality to meet your demands. You can also use the default parameters in most cases.

The button "Change" is provided for you to choose an output folder to save your recordings. You can also use the auto-naming function to auto make the file's name and check "Set the Main top most" to keep the recording window at the top of all other windows.

General Settings

Hotkey Settings

Free Online Radio Player Recorder allows you to activate Hotkey settings window to reassign hotkeys for recording operation. You can use default key F2 or F3 to start or stop the recording. Of course, other keys are available for you to set as you want.

Hotkey Settings

Schedule Recording

Free Online Radio Player Recorder provides a recording scheduler to help you record from the selected source at a predefined time and stop after a desired duration. With this built-in scheduler, it is convenient to record online stations at certain date and time or regular time on certain days of week as long as you indicate the time to start/stop the recording. The recording can happen Once, Daily or Weekly. From now on, you will never miss your beloved radio programs.

Schedule Recording

Automatic Gain Control

Sound cards use AGC (Automatic Gain Control) to improve recordings.

The following properties allow to set parameters of AGC: High Level, Low Level & Attack Time.

The volume will be decreased if the level is more then High Level. And the volume will be increased if the level is less then Low Level. The rate of the volume changing is equal to (20db / Attack Time).

Automatic Gain Control/AGC

Voice Active System Settings

If signal is below the Attack Level for more than Attack Time, beginning of that spot in the audio will be considered beginning of silence.

If signal is above the Release Level for more than Release Time, beginning of that spot in the audio will be considered end of silence.

Silence Definition

For very quiet high quality audio, the Attack Level and Release Level value will be lower (like -60dB). For noisier audio, the value may be much higher (like -30dB).

If audio is above this given threshold for more than the number of milliseconds given, audio will be considered valid, and not silence. Use higher values for Release Time to ignore short periods of audio (like clicks, static, or other noise). If this value is too high however (above 200ms), short words may be skipped.

Voice Active System/VASUsing VAS



Enjoy sound recording easy as making a cup of coffee. 100% Free!

Free Online Radio Player Recorder runs on all versions of Windows from XP through Windows 7/8.

Minimum hardware requirements:
Intel PentiumĀ® or AMD processor 1G MHz 512 MB RAM